The World of Kevin
Richard Penguin Press & Promotion can help you or your business to be heard or promoted on the radio, seen on TV, listened to by the critics, or read about in newspapers and magazines.
With over 20 years experience of reviewing, interviewing and promoting bands and musicians Richard Penguin is the ideal person to help you gain maximum publicity for your new cd, tour or event.
He has successfully promoted and marketed company products, written for their websites, undertaken marketing surveys and analysed and reported on the results. His campaigns have significantly raised company profiles, public awareness of their services and products, and gained them new clients and customers, all at a very affordable price.
Similarly Richard has extensive experience of writing articles and features for inclusion in newspapers, magazines and on websites, as well as writing brochures, and promotional material for companies. He was also a booking agent for artists and gained lucrative concert and festival bookings for many and varied artists throughout the U.K. 
2021 update- As I rarely update my website please go to my facebook page for more up to date information-
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I was knocked sideways by your work - Adrian Mealing - U.K Touring.